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Hi, I'm Max Pepper, a product photographer driven by nothing but passion for my craft. I have been hooked on photography ever since I held my first camera at 14 and I'm as excited now as I was then to use one. I studied photography through GCSE and A-level and am currently working as a product photographer at Holme grange craft and business village, working with a group of small businesses. I love photography because the concept of a photograph is so simple yet the concept has evolved into an art form. Whether it's through school, college, personal time, work, paid or unpaid, I promise I've put 110% into every photo I've taken and will ever take.


 I've worked in and around various aspects of photography. I'm no stranger to experimental, digital, traditional or commercial photography in a variety of environments and various studio types. I'm currently working as a Junior creative, this role has several different responsibilities such as  product photographer, in-house photographer and editor. I have experience shooting events; I've been both assistant and head photographer for weddings, blessing ceremonies and charity events. When shooting with people I've done both in studios and candids. As a product photographer I primarily worked for an antique dealership working with jewellery, Paintings, statues, figures and other handcrafted items. Ive also taught myself the best ways to shoot animals, landscapes and buildings in my personal time, in order to build up my skills and knowledge. 


I am based in Wokingham, Berkshire, with relatively easy access to central London.


Email Address: maxpepper@pepper-photography.com

Phone Number: 07377071611

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